Sofia Hagström Møller

Exploring the unreasonable and unnatural is the driving force behind my experiments. Through diligence and discipline I break down the incongruous and turn it into the understandable, then I use this new knowledge, to further develop what I find is most interesting: namely woven constructions.

In my studio I work with the hand-woven, as well as computer-controlled textiles. 

Most of my work is with woven art objects, akin to sculptures. It is material compositions which appeals to me. When I’m not in my studio, I teach weaving and textile design. I have normal classes and also classes for adults with disabilities. This gives me an intimate understanding of the desire of humans to shape and create things with their hands. As such I have a clarity for our use of handcrafts and I therefore consider myself a contemporary craftsman. 

I have worked with unique projects such as decorations for public spaces in the 

Orkanen​ Library in Malmö, Sweden 2008. As well as church textiles which marks the 

centennial celebrations of the Swedish Church in Copenhagen 2011. I have also worked as a freelance designer and design assistant in the textile industry. I have been invited and participated in a number of exhibitions both in Denmark, but also internationally in The USA, Sweden, Italy, Bratislava and France. 

Educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 2007 

with additional studies at NID National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. 

I focus on, and play with, the contrasts in compositions. I believe that contrasts are 

necessary for human beings to orient themselves and therefore find their way in life.


Address: Vanløse. Copenhagen. Denmark.

Email: fiahagstrom at gmail.com

Cell: +4531606676

Download CV here – Sofia CV


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